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Arcades have had to evolve and adapt to the ever changing amusement and video game industry. Today, Funland locations are not just arcade cabinets of the latest games, but a source for a myriad of digital amusements including prize games, ticket games, Virtual reality experiences, moving attractions and rides, and huge Laser Tag arenas.

King Kong Virtual Reality

The ultimate Virtual Reality action adventure is here now – King Kong of Skull Island™ VR! A truly cinematic VR blockbuster adventure Experience dazzling 5D visual, motion and special effects. As you head underground through the temples of Skull Island, encounter rampaging herds of Brachiosaurs, ride on the back of a soaring Pterodactyl, and witness the final volcanic battle between Kong and the two-headed Gaw!


Catapult yourself into Funland Ulladulla for a world first attraction, Slin'n'Win. Step up to the challenge at Sling'n'Win, where every shot is a chance to turn skill into cash and prizes. With each carefully aimed shot, you'll feel the exhilarating rush of anticipation, turning a simple game into a thrilling pursuit of victory and reward. It's not just an attraction; it's your ticket to a slingin' good time. Will you emerge a Hot Shot?

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Modern Arcade Games

Come experience the latest in arcade gaming technology and experiences. We have a vast array of new, modern gaming experiences including fishing, shooting games and many more.

Classic Pinball Machines

The true classic amusement of any true arcade. The pinball machine. Requiring timing, skill, and patience. Come and relive your classic arcade days, and attempt the feat of achieving the highest score on these truly challenging pinball machines.

Dodgem Cars

Strap yourself in for the thrill of dodgem cars, where the electrifying dance of bumper-to-bumper chaos transforms an ordinary ride into a symphony of laughter and adrenaline. Feel the pulse of the carnival as you navigate the neon-lit arena, mastering the art of controlled collisions! A family favourite that is never not a bumping good time.

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Giant L.E.D Space Invaders

You may have played Space Invaders in the 80's and 90's, but you've never experienced Space Invaders at this scale before. Play it on a giant, large format, super vivid L.E.D screen with two players, epic sound, and your own laser pistol. How far can you get through this reinvented classic arcade game?

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Bankstown Central

Race Car Video Games

Get behind the wheel, and strap in for some epic, classic-style racing car video games such as Sega Rally, Daytona and many more. Challenge your friends to a duel and see who can beat the clock, pass the checkpoints, and finish as the victor!

Active Skill Games

Use your skills in accuracy, coordination and speed to win in games like basketball, bowling and more. These ticketed games are a fantastic family-oriented activity, providing a challenge for each player to beat the top score. Who can shoot more hoops in 60 seconds in your family?

Jump Star Drop Ride

Perfect for the little ones, our Jump Star Drop Ride is great fun, taking children on an expected ride over three levels of the arcade, suddenly dropping safely right when you least expect it!

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"The kids loved the sling 'n' win. They enjoyed slinging the balls at the targets and loved that there was even stools for them to stand on :-)"

Kristy Rowland Google Review, from Ulladulla, NSW