Our Video Games

Pinball Machines

Pinball Machines

These are always a hit. Perfect for dads to challenge junior to see who is the real pinball Wizard.

Redemption Games

We have whacka’s, punch ems, bowl ems, roll ems, shoot ems – every type of eTicket game. Have a ball playing these great games then check your eTickets to see what you have won.

Driving Simulators & Games

Driving / Racing Games

Formula 1 racers – we have games for you. Driving Alley on the mezzanine is loaded with challenging tracks to test your driving skills. – and the crashes don’t hurt!!

Dedicated Games

Ride a jet ski; race a horse; paddle a raft; ride a motor bike; ski down hill; dance to the beat; drive a tank – it’s as close as you can get to the real thing

Prize Games

Skilltesters & Prize Games

With prizes of all types and skill games to test your reflexes, timing and dexterity, you will have hours of fun and maybe win some great rewards.

Token Games

Test your skills against the world’s best token games. Timing is everything! Are you a winner?

Riding Games

Shooting Games

We have games with rifles, pistols and machine guns and we have lasers – if you like to shoot, we have your weapon of choice waiting for you to pick it up and start shooting, now!

Bowling Games

Play all types of rolling and bowling games (we're not a bowling alley) for variety and fun and you could win some great prizes too. Our balls are suitable for any age.

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